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Enhance your customer's experience with Parent Relief's bizAdvantage. bizAdvantage gives you all the tools you need for organizing family information, creating children's portfolios, tracking financials and more...

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Enhance your Customers' Experience with bizAdvantage!
Why use bizAdvantage to manage your children's services business?
Parent Relief's bizAdvantage is a comprehensive online software solution built using technologies for efficiently running and managing children's services like nurseries, childcare/daycare facilities, preschools and even nanny and babysitting services. The software combines all the facets of running a business day-to-day successfully, both in terms of learning and operations.

bizAdvantage allows you to maximize your time working with the children, communicating effectively with the parents, improving your programming, enhancing your customers' experience and growing your business.

And best of all, it's free!
Key Benefits
  • Free tool to help you manage your business and improve customer service
  • Minimize time spent on administrative work
  • Maximize time working with the children, improving programs offered and growing your business
bizAdvantage Modules
bizAdvantage Basic includes the following modules:

Account Management - The customer is number 1. With this module, you can effectively manage your customers by creating family accounts and managing enrolments. Providing you with a valuable customer relationship management tool. This module also keeps track of your customer's entire relationship history. Storing information such as enrolment changes and enrolment records.

Portfolio - Documenting achievement. With this module, children's service providers are able to document, track and share with parents: lesson plans, activities and events that the child participated in. Providers are given the tools that allow for online publishing wherein, artifacts such as pictures, music clips, lesson plans, video and voice clips become instantly accessible to parents from the comfort of their homes.

Financials - Time is money. There is no more need to spend on unnecessary paperwork. bizAdvantage Financials automates the billing process, effectively cutting down the amount of time spent on this task. With one click, bizAdvantage Financials also provides collection information such as last payment date and outstanding balances on any account. In addition, it publishes the bills/account statements online for parents to access over the Internet.


Business owner...

Simple, useful, works, but best of all it's all free!
P.K., a licensed Childcare Provider

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