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Parent Relief gives providers all the advertising and business management tools they need in one place for Free!
See how Parent Relief can help your business

Jane, a provider       John, a parent

How can Parent Relief improve my sales?
Parent Relief can help you attract customers using our online Directory.

How can Parent Relief help me enhance my customer's experience?
Parent Relief can help you retain and manage customers using bizAdvantage.

What do I need to do to get started?
  1. Create a Parent Relief account by signing up, if you already have one, proceed to the next step
  2. Once logged in, register your business by creating a Parent Relief Provider Profile. This is available under the Parent Relief Services menu in the right hand side of your My Account page
What do I get once I sign up?
  • advertising using our online Directory to help potential customers find you
  • bizAdvantage, an online business management software to help you manage your enrolment, accounts, and billings
  • online Portfolio and parent portal to enhance your customer relationship experience
Best of all, you get all of these for Free!


Business owner...

Simple, useful, works, but best of all it's all free!
P.K., a licensed Childcare Provider

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